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Average Annual Time Spent Cleaning With & Without a Soaktech Tank

With A Soaktech Tank 90 Hours / Year
Without A Soaktech Tank 730 Hours / Year
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Clean & Sanitised in 20-30 Minutes
Clean & Sanitised in 1 Hour
Clean & Sanitised in 2 Hours
NOTE: The Times above are based on average times and regular soaking. Initial Soaking and Excess Carbon or baked on fats may require longer soaking time.
Rinse All Items Thoroughly After Soaking!
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Save €18.30
Eliminate the worst job in the kitchen while also freeing up many hours of labour. A Soaktech Tank can forensically clean & sanitise all metal equipment to a standard far superior than scrubbing ever could.
Save €145
A tap left running for an hour will use in excess of 1200L, A kitchen on average will use in excess of 2400L a day – per month thats 72000L and at Irish Water’s current rate of €1.99 per 1000L. This does not factor in the cost of the energy needed to heat this amount water for scrubbing the traditional way. A Soaktech Tank uses a max of 400L PER MONTH.
Hood Filters
Save €250
Save on expensive contractors cleaning your Hood Filters, simply place the filters in for a 20mins soak, no more interuptions as the cleaning cycle is no under your control. By cleaning your filters during quiet times at a more regular interval it will improve the kitchen conditions and create a safer environment. Warning: An extraction duct can catch fire if grease is allowed to build up.
Cleaning & Sanitising Chemicals
Save €50
Caustic grill cleaners can cost around €50 for a 5 litre bottle, a hand scrub will never do the same as a soak can do! And burning off carbon is ultimately damaging to the equipment and the environment. Our Soaktech proprietary detergents are included in the monthly rental fee.
Total Annual Spend on Scrubbing
Approx €10,000
This annual total of spend on scrubbing doesn’t include;

  • Energy costs to heat the water during cleaning
  • Replacement costs for damage caused by scrubbing / bending
  • Wasted hours training new staff on use of harmful chemicals.

These extra costs could lead to thousands more in spending per year.

Note: These values have been calculated using average scrubbing times each take taken from a survey of various commercial kitchens. Each kitchen is different and our helpful sales team will discuss likely savings during the free consultation to ensure you get value from our products.

See below how using a Soaktech tank has a positive influence on our Environment
Average Litres of Water saved using a Soaktech Tank
This is equivalent to the amount of water required to fill the bath 2700 times a year.