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What is a Heated Soak Tank?

A Heated Soak Tank is a Stainless Steel Tank that safely and easily removes carbon, fats, oils and grease from catering equipment such as filters, racks, trays, pots, pans, grills and more without causing any harm to the parent equipment. Soak Tanks eliminate the need to scrub while cleaning and sanitising virtually all metal commercial kitchen equipment. A Heated Soak Tank will improve a commercial kitchens hygiene while at the same time save hundreds of euro per month by reducing labour, water use, energy use and future replacement equipment costs.

Soak Tank collection by Soaktech

The Heated Soak Tank is fast becoming an essential part of any commercial kitchen and catering equipment budget. Each Soak Tank is thermostatically controlled & manufactured of high quality 304 grade stainless steel combined with a stylish finish, essential safety features and easy useability making them a must when deciding on your next piece of catering equipment. The Soaktech Heated Soak Tank has been designed based on experience and communication with various different types of commercial kitchens around Ireland to ensure consistent ease of use and safety. The Soaktech cleaning system will improve commercial kitchen hygiene instantly and is designed with occupational health and safety standards at the forefront.

Soaktech Heated Soak Tank

Our Small Hetaed Soak Tank is perfect for commercial kitchens that are short of space such as cafes & fast food outlets.

Soaktech Heated Soak Tank

Our Medium Heated Soak Tank is perfect for bigger commercial kitchens such as large restuarants, canteens and hotels.

Soaktech Heated Soak Tank

Our Large Heated Soak Tank is perfect for commercial kitchens with plenty of space such as Hotels and Large Canteens.

Design a Soak Tank

We can fabricate any shape or sized tank if you have special requirements.

Heated Soak Tank

We have service packages even if you have your own tank.

Soak Tank Spare Parts

We stock and source spare parts for virtually all makes & models of soak tank.