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What is Soaktech? 
Soaktech Limited is a wholly Irish owned company specialising in Decarboniser Soak Tank Technology. A Decarboniser is an insulated and thermostatically controlled stainless steel tank that effortlessly removes carbon, fat, oil and grease build ups; forensically cleaning and sanitising metal kitchen equipment in as little as 20 minutes. This cleaning technology facilitates you in running your kitchen more effectively and efficiently while assisting in making huge savings on labour, water, chemical and replacement equipment.
The key to the Soaktech cleaning system is our range of proprietary detergents, all of which are safe and environmentally friendly. With these detergents designed for specific industries plus various sized tanks to choose from, Soaktech can help all sized Commercial Kitchens save money from day one. We pride ourselves on having the best Decarboniser Soak Tank system on the market to go with our unrivaled customer service. 
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What are the Benefits of a Soaktech Tank?


Time is of the essence in every kitchen, by using a Soaktech Decarboniser your kitchen will save endless hours of scrubbing per day. This will free up labour for more important duties. See the typical timing guide by clicking here.


How much energy is used trying to heat water for unnecessary scrubbing? The Soaktech Decarboniser Soak Tank system is the modern version of the old Decarboniser tank. Our precision engineered tanks are constructed from 304 grade stainless steel, double skinned and fully insulated meaning minimal heat loss and therefore less wasted energy.     


Our most precious resource is needlessly wasted! With stricter rules relating to water usage shortly upon us, it’s up to all industries to act responsible in water use. During cleaning, commercial kitchens currently use the the same amount of water in 1 Hour, as a Soaktech Decarboniser uses in 1 Month!


Even in the biggest eateries one of the smallest rooms is generally the kitchen. Standard 3 sink and powersoak systems have a large footprint, a Soaktech Decarboniser can fit under counters and due to its design can easily be moved in and out for usage. We can fabricate different sized tanks  for even the tightest spaces.

Replacement Costs

During the cleaning process equipment is bent & scraped trying to forcefully remove carbon and baked on fats while scrubbing. A simple soak in a Soaktech Decarboniser easily cleans & sanitises equipment leaving it as good as new.

No Harmful Chemicals

How many hours are spent training someone to handle and use harmful chemicals during the cleaning process? How much are you spending on these caustic chemicals? Gone are the old school Decarboniser tanks that use dangerous caustic chemicals, our Soaktech proprietary detergents are safe to use, caustic free, non-toxic and fully biodegradable.

We Offer a Free Consultation & No Obligation 7 Day Trial.
Our Low Monthly Fee Includes the Following

A Soaktech Tank & One of Our Proprietary Detergents Delivered and Ready to Use

No Contracts

Full Monthly Service

Monthly Drain, Clean and Refill of Tank

Quick Breakdown Response

Full Warranty on Labour & Parts

With A Soaktech Decarboniser all you have to do is use and enjoy it, We will do the rest.

Precision Engineered Tanks & Chemically Superior Detergents Separate us from the Rest.

We at Soaktech believe that quality should be a priority, that’s why all of our tanks are subject to the strictest of quality control measures to ensure not one will leave our warehouse unless perfect. Worrying about space or size? Don’t, if one of our various sized tanks isn’t suitable, we can fabricate a tank to pretty much any shape and size you require. 

Our range of Proprietary Detergents are chemically enhanced for specific types of commercial kitchens, during your consultation we will discuss which detergent is right for your kitchen equipment.

A Soaktech decarboniser soak tank is the ideal choice for the following industries and many more…..

Bars & Restaurants
Cafes & Fast Food
Catering/ Canteens